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Just life

Had to get glasses before the deadline of May 21, today... which obviously is a weekend. They Finally arrived yesterday. Now I have to go back to the doctor to have him sign off on my DOT physical, wh...... Read More
Posted 13 days ago by maggiesnextphase

Quote of the Day for Monday May 22, 2023

Quote of the Day for Monday May 22, 2023 Positive Quote of the Day I Dream with Powerful Intention. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie Funny Quote of the Day I have no fear of the gallows ... They're goin...... Read More
Posted 13 days ago by BrotherDocs

Moving Along

What a year it has been so far. I was set to have surgery March 6, but because of some teeth issues, I had to put it off. I got 13 teeth pulled and upper dentures. Now, July 11, I will get my new hip...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by mountainbiker65

Streaming Reviews May 2023 Part 2

1) "The Yellow Birds"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 30 minutes--Synopsis: 2 young soldiers develop a deep friendship during the war before tragedy strikes--the survivor of the 2 suffers f...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by greatmartin

Lovely Lake Wakatipu

Home page of source: "Lake Wakatipu fills a deep valley carved into the mountains by ancient glaciers..." "The Dart and Rees Rivers flows into the norther...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by MisterCox

Lawn Gnomes w/pics

It appears that eith lawn gnomes or mini-monks have invaded my front yard! But they are actuallly two of my grand kis that refuse to come in from play whe it got a bit chilly. So, I got a couple of my...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by Zoey-Mae

Bill Barr is his own worst enemy. From the American Thinker

From the American Thinker May 21, 2023 Bill Barr Is His Own Worst Enemy By J.B. Shurk Uniparty propagandist and Deep State shill Bill Barr is waddling from one television studio to the next to tell a...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by tjdonegan

Why I Probably Won't Vote In the 2024 Presidential Election

The more I see, the more I think I'm going to sit out the next presidential election and let fate run its course without my vote. Why? Because there isn't a single person running I would wan...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by AmalaTsering

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

"If the words, 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn't wor...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by Troll2016

The Hidden Gate of Eternity

All of this is going to be an easy sell to generation reset...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by Jayyyohhh

Do you do quick simple meals on weekends for dinner?

I seem to always eat differently on weekends than during the week. I did that when I was working and still keep the habit. Tonight will be half a large pizza and Sunday night I'll have the other...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by sfeastbay

If you've been waiting for the white hats to rescue the republic,...

..., look in the mirror: We are the white hats, and the restoration of freedom, justice and liberty in America is coming down to us and no one else . MIKE ADAMS I interviewed Steve Bannon and what he...... Read More
Posted 15 days ago by FedUpToHere

Why the Bad Guys Win

When Obama was elected, there were two questions with the Conservative Incorporated broadcasters. Is it better for the country? Is it better for business? This is the inherent problem of the business...... Read More
Posted 17 days ago by greyone40

Just Say'n (1)

Pray Because Some Questions Can't Be Answered By Any Search Engine Other Than God...... Read More
Posted 18 days ago by simplyrobin


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